Social media is fast paced, ever-changing, ever-evolving, and forever challenging for many business owners. On top of everything that goes into running a business, you must also worry about maintaining your social platforms daily!? Most business owners either don’t update their social platforms often (if ever at all) or they have someone on their team do what they can, as they realize the importance of maintaining a social presence.

I offer social media maintenance, management, and advertising services. Not only will I help you to develop your social strategy, I will work with you to develop a content calendar that you can swear by. I can also help you to maintain the daily postings of your accounts, and help you to understand the best way to reach your potential customers.

Social media is too much for my busy schedule. How can you help?

This is the most common problem for most business owners. Even the thought of scheduling postings, or remembering to post daily on your multiple accounts is quite the chore. I love helping business owners tackle this task so that they don’t need to have this weight of added daily pressure to take them away from the other important tasks of their day to day!

My social media services include a full management of each of your accounts which will include scheduled postings, a content calendar (so you can see exactly what will be posted, when and where). 

How do you know what to post?

Once you decide that you’d like to hand over your social media for professional management, we will discuss exactly what you wish to get out of maintaining a social presence for your business. During our initial meeting/phone call we will disucss your business goals and speciifcally what you are looking to accomplish by posting on social media and interacting with your followers. 

With a full understanding of your vision for social media along with a clear idea of what your business goals are, I’ll be able to determine what the best content resources are for you. Some examples of content resources and types are: 

  • Blog content from your website
  • Content about your offerings from your website
  • Video content you may have
  • Any pictures on your website or relevant to your brand
  • Blog articles from other resources that are relevant to your site (with your approval)
  • Images from Pinterest relevant to your brand
  • Audio content you may have
  • Reviews from your past/current customers
  • Real-time postings about your special events, promotions, etc.

All content will be shared with you prior to going live, using a personal content calendar developed just for you. I’ll share with you my plan for your social for the weeks or months ahead (depending on your advertising schedule) so that you can review each post to ensure you approve and believe that the message is aligned with your business identity. With your approval, the posts will be scheduled and delivered based on your content calendar.