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    Search Engine Optimization is a valuable, essential part of your online marketing strategy. Understanding your site's performance and using important metrics to set and maintain goals is vital for your online strategy. Wondering how SEO can benefit your site? Need an in-depth analysis of your site and its analytics to determine advertising goals? I'm your girl!

    Social Media

    Social Media has become an ever-demanding, ever-changing, crucial part of any business' online marketing strategy. Are you struggling to find the time to post daily to your business social platforms? Don't know what to post? How to engage your followers? Does Facebook advertising overwhelm you? Let's talk!


    Without my practice, I can confidently say that my career would not be where it is today. Yoga has provided me with the space and the tools that I need to find balance even in the most in-balanced situations. Are you finding it difficult to slow down? Do you feel restless and tired, even after a full night of sleep? Let's dive in and find your balance between your work and your true self! I offer yoga classes and workshops for kids, teenagers, and adults.

    About Amanda

    About Amanda

    After spending years in front of a computer without spending the time to care for my mind and body, I decided there needed to be a shift. A shift towards self-exploration and wellness. Shifting my priorities to my inner well being has allowed me to realize my potential and begin to live a life pursuing my goals. My yoga practice has allowed me to grow in my field as an internet marketer by providing me with the space, calm, quiet, and rest my body and mind require daily. Through consistent practice of yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques, balance presents itself, even when everything seems lopsided. I live in Rochester, NY with my incredible finance and soul puppy. I mean Panga. I mean Topanga, my goledendoodle perfect puppy. I kind love her. A lot. I went to school at The College at Brockport and received my bachelors in Marketing. I spent my time in college working two jobs and building websites for local businesses. After realizing that one person is not meant to do the work of 10, I realized my skills and focused my energy on search engine optimization and social media marketing. I thrive... READ MORE